Google Maps still remains the most powerful Local search tool

With over 77% of people use Google Maps to find local businesses if you're not in the Local Pack you are leaving money on the table.

What's Local SEO and why is it important to your business?

Local SEO refers to a  specific practice aimed at helping Local businesses to increase their search visibility, get more traffic and new leads. Without a doubt one of the most powerful tools to achieve that is Google Maps. We have all have used Google Maps to search for the ‘near me’ places. In fact, most of us rely on Google Maps all the time whether we’re looking for a “roofing contractor nearby” or  we plan to visit a new place in our locality. 

What are the signals Google is looking for when ranking businesses locally?


Normal organic search queries serve a much broader audience with an equally high level of competition, which is why it’s much harder to rank for them, while local SEO taps into the potential of local. This is usually done by using local modifiers like “electrician near me” or “best butcher nearby”. These two search queries have a very high Local intent, which means Google will bring different factors into play when ranking results. 

Brandify’s local research survey confirms the No.1 spot of Google maps with over 77% of the internet users choosing Google maps for finding business, destinations, parks, and other areas within their locality. Facebook and Yelp only claim the second and the third spot. In order to start getting more visibility locally  there are many things you can do yourself.

My process is based on a very thorough audit where I asses your current position against your competitors and their best practices. This is followed by a NAP citation / consistency check and strategy where we lay out the plan going forward for the next 3 months. I then present my recommendations to you. 

The Process

competitor analyses
nap ccheck
content creation

Why should you take action today?


001 - underutilisation

Local search optimisation is still extremely underutilised in most places which presents a great opportunity to those who dare and to take action. Are gonna be one of them?


002 - Long term strategy

As opposed to paid Ads where you only see success until you budget lasts, Local SEO focuses on building a long term game plan with measurable progress.

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003 - call off period

I offer a 60 day call off period. If you don’t see results within 60 days I happily refund what you’ve invested.

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